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Educational Projects
Bizum: 33505
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Bizum: 33505
IBAN: ES4801280012810100070185

Fundación Verón collaborates on educational projects that improve social and labour integration, and provide community assistance.

We fight for accessible, fair, equitable, and quality education


To promote human rights and fund development cooperation projects, humanitarian aid, education, job insertion, and entrepreneurship for older adults, youth, and teenagers at risk of exclusion from disadvantaged social backgrounds. By doing so, we aim to reduce poverty and inequality, and facilitate their social integration .


To provide a better quality of life for all our beneficiaries by delivering quality education through our “Escuela del Vidrio” project, as well as offering economic support during crises such as wars, natural disasters, and health emergencies. 


Adaptation, honesty, and respect.  Independence from any political, trade union, religious, or economic groups. Education as a transformative tool for society. Transparency and good governance.


Your individual support allows us to change the lives of many young people, their families, and communities living in risk of extreme poverty

through education, job insertion, and humanitarian aid.

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What We Do Thanks to You

Educación y Becas Home

Education and Scholarships

Our main project is La Escuela del Vidrio, located in El Progreso, Honduras. Through dual education, young people at risk of social exclusion can access dignified employment.  We also offer scholarships for university studies.

Voluntariado profesional Home

Professional Volunteering

We have both national and on-site volunteers, including professionals who provide technical classes at the school and others who work from Spain to raise awareness of the foundation and fundraise.

Microcrédito al Desarrollo Home

Microcredits for Development

A fund for young entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses in Honduras. We support the economic development and improvement of their families and the communities where their businesses are located.

Acciones Comunitarias Home

Community Actions

We strive to foster a sense of community and support for young people and their families. Activities include community clean-ups, healthcare assistance, family visits, parenting workshops, and more.

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As a foundation, we are always open to new projects and ways to spread awareness. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

We are excited to see our community grow both nationally and internationally.


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