A LETTER FROM HONDURAS – by Julissa Monje, a student from Escuela del Vidrio

El Progreso, Yoro

October 29th 2015


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Julissa Monje is a very good student at Escuela del Vidrio. She is conscious of what Education can do for her and her family. She is going to get her certificate in Technical Studies in Glass Art thanks to a Spanish organization called Centro Nacional del Vidrio Foundation this November 2015. She might be continuing with us at the Apprenticeship Program at LAHAT Glass Workshop.


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We are students of the third year of Glass Techniques Studies at the School of Glass and we write this to thank you how much this school does for us. Thank you for everything we’ve learned, for what we remember of this experience and because today we know this occupation can have a future.

At the beginning we did not know we would learn anything, but it was worth every day as we are now very proud to belong to this institution

 This year we learned a lot, in both the workshops and classes. Workshops started with glass beads, then with fusing and this year we also learned to paint on flat glass and carved glass.

For us it was wonderful, as the workshop is where we put all our knowledge into practice.

The classes we complement our art because we are educating ourselves in the best way.

All this would not have been possible without a helping hand. We know that this is the best gift you can give us and we are eternally grateful.

Att Julissa Monje